Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Hemlock, Death and Greece

We are at this moment waiting for yet another delayed vote by the Greek parliament on austerity measures in return for another bailout. The decision has been labelled a suicide vote and a grave mistake by the governor of Greece's central bank, George Provopoulos. The politicians are about to drink the hemlock.

That pronouncement, coupled with the tear gas, batons and full riot gear employed by Greek police to show the authority of the Greek state, shows the stakes in the current vote. Greece stands at the precipice of entering an agreement into long-term servitude and foreign administration to save core banks in Northern Europe, or a period of momentary disgrace, devaluation and a true discussion in Greek politics of what they want to do next. 

One thing is clear: if so much opposition exists to the reforms, in the streets and within the establishment, they will not hold, regardless of what the Greek Parliament votes today.

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  1. I fully agree. The majority in the Parliament is artificial. The opposition did not vote the package, and the markets are not impressed. So the dangerous game can go on...